BTS is a managing its activities by reviewing various strategies used. What person says is not important, what data is telling is important for us. We are moving towards various reserch activities to gradual increse in our services. 

BTS has recently reviewed its SWOT strategy.  


1.BTS is branded, well furnished physical infrastructures ; has its own academic residential and hostel buildings
2.Approved as an accredited skill test center of NSTB
3.Attractive garden and greenery
4.Own multipurpose hall with 300 capacity , own sufficient parking
5.Sufficient open space (for sports , recreation)
6.Public Organization , affordable fee charges
7.Highly motivated staffs, well trained instructional staffs
8.Active GESI Team


1.Workshop space is small, enrollment capacity is lesser
2.Separate digital E-Library is missing
3.High turnover , high number of KAJ (28 Staffs)
4.Up and Down ; Students pas out rate
5.No auction till date (dumping rate for auction goods)
6.Very old painting, plumbing, wiring drainage problem
7.Cleaning Problem; canteen and bathrooms
8.Problem of eco sound, no AC in multipurpose hall
9.Seminar hall ; not in usable condition
10.Deep boring ( underground water pump) is not working


1.High number of students application forms for admission

2.Expensive fee charges in most of CTEVT affiliated schools

3.Urban technical school, Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan city is well facilitated city of mid and Far Western Nepal.

4.Located inside the Nepalgunj Industrial Estate.

5.Donors are available


1.Economic instability of country.

2.Hottest place of Nepal, dry in Summer Season.

3.Highly sensitive harmony among Religious, Ethnic Group

SWOT Matrix




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