Bheri Technical School (BTS),a CTEVT constituent school, was established onJuly 9, 1993 AD (2050 Asadh 25 B.S.). It is located in Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City, Ward No. 10, Banke. It is approximately 18 KM south from Kohalpur, a point on the East-West Highway. It is well connected not only by road but also by air as it is only 8 KM far from Nepalgunj Airport.It is one of the leading technical schools in the country.

The school started short-term basic house wiring training as its first course on January 11, 1994 (2050 Paush 27 B.S.). From 2051 B.S., Technical School Leaving Certificate (TSLC) level course (24 months) started in Electrical Engineering. In 2052 B.S.,sixtrade courses started in Mechanical, Automobile, Plumbing (Sanitation), Electrical, Electronics and Secretarial.In 2053 B.S., Refrigeration and Air Conditioning trade started. The intake criteria except for secretarial is 10th Grade pass (also called 'Test Pass' or SLC Fail). The intake criteria for Secretarial Trade was SLC pass and the duration was 15 months. The Civil Trade was introduced in 2060 B.S. and it replaced the then Plumbing Trade. Later the duration of the program except for Secretarial Trade became 29 months (24 months school-based instruction and 5 months On-the-Job-Training). The duration of the secretarial course remained the same as it was before.

In 2015, the grading system was introduced in the SLC results, particularly in the field of technical and vocational subjects. Then the system was followed in the SLC results in both the technical and general fields of education from 2016. After that CTEVT changed the duration of TSLC level courses to 18 months.

BTS started running the Diploma in Electrical Engineering from 2057 B.S. With the support from Skills Development Project, the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering started in 2072 B.S. The same project provided its support to launch the Diploma in Civil Engineering in 2074 B.S.

A TSLC level Apprenticeship Program in Mechanical Engineering (duration 2 years) started in 2018 (Academic Year 2075/076 B.S.) with the support from Enhanced Skills for Sustainable and Rewarding Employment (ENSSURE) Project. In 2019 (Academic Year 2076/077 B.S.), the apprenticeship programs got expanded in Electrical Engineering and Automobile Engineering.

Currently, seven TSLC level programs (regular) and three diploma level programs (regular) are running. Apart from these, one sponsored diploma level course is undergoing in civil engineering. From 2076 B.S., a TSLC level course in electrical engineering is running as a sponsored program. In addition, the school is conducting short-term livelihood training on various occupations. 

A steering committee chaired by the Chief District Officer of Banke district provides strategic directions for the school. An internal school management committee chaired by the principal is responsible for day-to-day management activities. Under the CTEVT umbrella, this school is producing basic and middle level technical human resources required for the development of nation.

BTS is one of the model schools in the country today. Its vision is to be the 'center of excellence in producing competent TVET professionals in Nepal'. Its mission is to 'produce competent TVET workforce in engineering sector for people's prosperity'. In line with these vision and mission statements and CTEVT's rules and regulations, the school has developed yearly plan of operations for the year 2019/020.

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